One hundred and ten degrees of longitude separate St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tokyo, Japan. For eight weeks in 2005, I'll be crossing this large chunk of the world solo. I've set up this blog so that family and friends can keep track of my whereabouts, my activities, and my well-being. It might also be useful for someone planning a similar trip. Please bookmark this page so you can check up on me at your leisure.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The swing of things, part 2

It's been a long time since I last wrote to you. I've been very busy in my new job at the law firm.

I thought that I should write a bit about the aftermath of my trip.

1. Most of the gifts I brought back were well-received. I gave one of my Totoro dolls to a deserving baby and kept the other one for myself.

2. I've only developed 13 out of 35 rolls of film so far. I plan to drop off the rest of the film at Black's tonight. The rolls I've developed were pretty much randomly distributed across my trip -- shots from Russia, Mongolia, China, and Japan. There's a lot of good stuff. I can't wait to see the rest, though: hutongs, Harajuku girls, and other wonders.

3. So far, I haven't done any writing about my trip, although I've given some thought to what aspects I would write about if I were trying to get something published in a magazine. Different topics for different audiences.

4. I noted with interest that George W. Bush visited Mongolia recently.

5. I have to throw out the jeans I wore on my trip. They're done. Their useful life is over.

6. People here at home had good things to say about the $3 haircut I got in Shanghai.

7. I need to send copies of photos to certain people. The nomadic families in Mongolia, for instance -- I shot family portraits for them and will send copies through Boojum Expeditions. The Russian family that shared my compartment on the train from Moscow to Irkutsk -- I have a great shot of Sasha and Marina, the brother and sister, taken out on the platform while they were buying snacks from a vendor. The Chinese couple that took me into their home, made me dinner, and gave me my new name -- I'll send them some of my pictures of Beijing.

8. I still have about $20 worth of Mongolian money, and I despair of ever getting it changed.

9. I haven't chewed my Siberian pine tree gum yet.


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