One hundred and ten degrees of longitude separate St. Petersburg, Russia, and Tokyo, Japan. For eight weeks in 2005, I'll be crossing this large chunk of the world solo. I've set up this blog so that family and friends can keep track of my whereabouts, my activities, and my well-being. It might also be useful for someone planning a similar trip. Please bookmark this page so you can check up on me at your leisure.

Monday, September 26, 2005

French Concession

Ohhh... Aaagh... I just typed out a long post and then lost it somehow. Oh, that feels awful. What a waste.

A ton of stuff happened today, and I want to tell you about all of it, but I can't bear the thought of typing out that post again right now. I'm hungry and I need to get my hair cut. I'll return here to type it out tonight.

The new post, like the one that vanished, will have sections on the following topics:

-The Bad Thing That Happened
-The French Concession
-The Foreign Languages Bookstore
-Drug Dealers
-Tomorrow, Off To Japan

I apologize for the delay. I suppose it is all part of some divine plan that Blogger should have treated me this way.


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